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Toronto Freight Brokerage

Custom supply chain solutions to help you take the stress out of your shipping needs.

With over 25 years in business we know how to reduce your shipping time effectively. Our partnerships with the top couriers across North America help us to get you the lowest transport rates, all while fully managing your shipments from start to finish.

We specialize in logistics & freight management for the following industries:

Grass Seed & Agricultural

Seed producers and agricultural companies often contend with the weather. They must brace the effects of droughts, floodings and how these affect the transport of their products. Mother Nature often gives the agricultural industry a very small window between planting and shipping, but you can rely on us to ensure your shipment is delivered on time and at a great price!

We understand that your entire agricultural production depends on the delivery to the right place, at the right time, and in the right conditions. Let us get you there so you can grow!


It’s usually during the shipment process where food and produce are spoiled, resulting in an industry loss amounting to billions of dollars every year. When you ship with Tenbrooks Transportation we ensure this doesn’t happen to you!

The type of transportation method your produce requires often depends on its shelf life.

No matter the type of fresh produce you need to ship, we will customize our freight shipping solutions to perfectly fit your needs.

dry food shipping

Dry Goods

We facilitate your dry food import/export processes so you don’t have to. Despite not requiring specialized storage systems, mishandling and contamination of dry goods is on the rise due to the accelerated demand in various sectors. We offer industry-leading knowledge of food compliance and consulting to provide the best dry goods transportation solutions for your business.


All types of seafood, may it be live, fresh, frozen, or cured, require extra special care during transport. We are well equipped with various specialized freight services, such as refrigerated trailers, to transport your seafood with ultimate care, to make sure your shipment arrives fresh and safe.

Temp Controlled Goods

We take extreme care in the handling of temperature-sensitive products to maintain their required temperatures throughout the entire journey. You can count on our 25+ years of shipping brokerage experience to know you’re getting the best. We offer you a full range of active heat and cool containers to meet almost every cargo-specific need for different temperature requirements.

Commercial Equipment

Ship your commercial and heavy haul anywhere in North America with peace of mind. We understand that these pieces of equipment are an integral part of your business— their safety during transportation, whether that be short or long distance, is crucial. Hauling your commercial equipment safely, on time and on budget is our number one priority. Heavy equipment hauling requires special handling, along with specialized trailers and hauling equipment. We are an experienced company, with a deep knowledge on safe and efficient hauling strategies to ensure your commercial assets arrive damage-free.

auto-parts-steel shipping

Auto Parts & Steel

Raw materials of the automobile industry are sensitive and high risk to losing their quality when transported under inappropriate conditions. A vehicle will lose its overall quality if its components are damaged during shipment. We have been delivering quality and cost-effective freight services that ensures the maintained quality of your auto parts and steel.

medical equipment transport

Medical Equipment & Electronics

The transport of medical products and supplies should be handled according to the needs of the product. Some products are temperature-sensitive while others are impact-sensitive. We offer various freight services that secures your medical products and electronics to avoid impact while maintaining ideal temperatures during transport.

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